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Assess! Protect! Educate!

We are a project based threat management and executive security consulting firm.  We help you develop a plan to defend against present day and possible future threats.

It's all about the plan. Think long term not short term.

The Problem

For every problem there must be a solution

The Problem

  • We live in an increasingly dangerous world

  • Violent crime rates are on the rise

  • There is a largely divisive  environment in the U.S.

  • Threats are more global (Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime)

  • Additional security challenges during and following an IPO

  • The erosion of the personalized approach to executive protection sought by many clients

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Our Solution

  • We are a small company with more than adequate resources

  • We have the ability to maintain a keen focus on executive customer service

  • We demand the best-in-class training for our staff

  • We pay close attention to the personal needs of our clients

  • We provide a limited range of services- only those where we can be the best in the market


What we do

We evaluate and mitigate risk for those individuals highly valuable to their organizations and for those organizations that might find themselves as part of the threat landscape, so they can focus on business and not worry about security and safety concerns.

Working Silhouettes

Threat Management Consulting

Protection strategy begins with you.

We will set up an Executive Threat Management strategy for your organization that will not only keep your executives safe, but it will adhere to company culture as well. We want the executive team to feel safe and the company to be productive and profitable.

Companies have a responsibility to limit and manage risks from threats, whether they are intentional or unintentional. The Analysis will include:

  • Assessment of company and executives

  • Residential

  • Business

  • Travel

  • Digital footprints

We can also conduct an Independent Security Study for your organization to determine the vulnerabilities, risks, and threats surrounding your business.

Workplace Violence

A passion for your safety.

Workplace violence creates a risk to the health and safety of an employee or multiple employees. Workplace violence and hostile terminations are a process. There must be a plan and the plan must include continuous management. Our approach is not a band aid fix, but a comprehensive approach including constant monitoring of what might become a volatile situation.

City Lights

Intelligence Monitoring

Don't leave your details lying around.

In this day and age everyone leaves a digital footprint. That digital footprint refers to one's digital activities, actions, contributions, and communications that can manifest via the internet or any digital device. Do not let the footprint put you, your organization, or your family at risk. We focus on threats to key executives and influential organizations.

Contemporary Boardroom

Electronic Threats

Where confidentiality matters.

The search for operational intelligence is a never ending threat. Whether it is a criminal trying to obtain information for financial or personal gain the threat is always out there. While you may not know if a threat exists sometimes electronic surveillance countermeasures are needed to ensure your secrets are kept secret. Your secrets and your whereabouts can all be compromised.


Executive Protection solutions

Semper Tutum. Semper Vigilanti.
Always Safe. Always Vigilant.

We provide security and risk mitigation measures to ensure the safety of our clients and their organizations that might be exposed to elevated personal or company risk. Advisors are selected to meet the needs of the client and the culture of the organization. Our agents can perform travel advances, manage entry and access control points, conduct or lead protection details for corporate executive leaders and facilitate ground travel for the executive. Whether you choose inhouse or outsource we can provide you with the information needed to get your executive protection program started.

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Business Travel

Make your business travel better.

Coming to Utah? Utah is considered one of the best states for business. We have a healthy labor supply and a supportive regulatory environment with strong economic growth prospects. Let us get you where you need to go. We can facilitate all movement and provide any logistical planning necessary to make your visit in Utah enjoyable and profitable.

Cybersecurity & Cyber Awareness

K9 Explosive Detection Services

Highly trained and certified in Explosive Detection.

Executive Protection does not stop with just a security team. K9s can quickly sweep busses, air transport, hotels, conference spaces, baggage, vehicles, etc. in advance of a VIP arriving or departing or during a convention. We use High Definition K9 for our explosive detection needs.


High Definition K9

Explosive Detection for Protection.

Private Meeting

Jaguar Executive Services Privacy Policy

Confidentiality matters.

It is of the utmost importance to protect the privacy and personal information of the client and/or principal.

Matters are kept confidential through a non-disclosure agreement. We personally guarantee to deal with particular information as confidential and to not disclose such information to others.

We only collect data that is voluntarily provided by the client and/or principal. 

Comprehensive steps are taken to protect your information. Sensitive data is stored and transmitted using safe and secure methods.

Advisory Team

Where the Passion Begins

This team is composed of individuals with specialized expertise and complementary skills. Together we collaborate and innovate to produce work at the highest levels.

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Lee Barnard

Founder/ Threat Assessment Advisor

Lee has both a military and law enforcement background. He is a security professional licensed in Utah and Nevada. Lee has worked in many security genres; hospitality, armored car, venue/ event security, corporate, and executive protection. He has a B.S. in Criminal Justice and is a Certified Protection Professional through the American Society for Industrial Security. He is trained in executive protection and driving, security consulting, and technical surveillance countermeasures. A graduate of Gavin DeBecker's Advanced Threat Assessment Academy.

John Sheetz

Business Development/ Risk Advisor

John comes to us from Virginia. Licensed in both Utah and Virginia as a security professional he's a jack of all trades. He has worked in Business Development, Real Estate, Security Consulting, Risk Management, and even worked as a wildlands firefighter. He has a B.S. in Management/ Marketing and a M.S. in Sports Science. Loves the great outdoors and is an avid hiker. He manages our Rocky Mountain clients (MT, WY, CO, and ID)

Shaun Palm

Tactical Medical Instructor/ Advisor

Shaun is our Tactical Medical Instructor. He teaches basic life support, stop the bleed, and tactical emergency casualty care classes. He is experienced in Corporate and Executive Protection as well as Security Operation Centers. He currently works for a large corporation that branches out globally. As an advanced EMT he also does Search and Rescue in Northern Utah. Shaun is an experienced drone pilot, rescue diver, and a N-Ear distributor for communication devices.

Lee is highly skilled and trained to protect executive and high profile individuals. Lee brings both military and law enforcement experience, excellent communication skills, superb customer service experience and more importantly, exemplary judgment and decision-making skills to keep his clients safe. I worked with Lee for nearly 10 years and can assure you will not find anyone with a stronger work ethic.

Wanda T.

Lee is very professional and has great leadership capability. This was displayed time and time again while assigned as day shift sergeant at the Federal Reserve. He displayed great managerial skills in his ability to resolve unforeseen issues that arose in the day to day operations of the bank. I would be proud to have a supervisor of even a fraction of Lee's level.

Jared G.

Lee is a solid person to have on any team. I supervised him when he was an officer at the Simi Valley Police Department. He was one of my "go to" people, with significant investigative and enforcement experience. His integrity is above reproach and he was not afraid to give an honest days worth of effort every day. I truly missed him when he moved out of the State of CA but he put a priority on his family and personal life which I believe has benefited him greatly. If I ever needed someone to provide executive protection services, I would have Lee at my side-- hands down I trust him with my life.

Robert A.

Jaguar is a top quality company, and Lee's experience and skills are second to none. I highly recommend him for security services, and if you need to train your agents, he has a high quality EP school.

Mike M.

Business Meeting

Mission Statement

Our mission is to achieve the highest standards through excellence, personal development, and the service to others. We will do this by continuing to be a leader and influence others to do the same. We never want to lose sight of what’s important; loyalty, tranquility, teamwork, and most importantly self-respect.


Jaguar Executive Services provides Executive Protection and relevant training to our staff and for our clients. Training includes: Executive Protection, Strategic Driving, First Aid/CPR, Physical Intervention, Protective Firearms Strategies, and more. 

Contact us if you want us to provide customized training to your company or organization.

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