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3 reasons security for media should be a reality.

I was working with a reporter from an investigative crime magazine news series. He basically told me to "watch his back." It was refreshing to have this person know exactly why security was needed at that moment. We were in somewhat of a remote and not so nice area. My job really was simple, watch the neighboring residences and make sure no one came out to confront the reporter. Many times media personalities can find themselves in circumstances that can prove to be dangerous. Here are some three reasons that security should be considered for the media.

1. Know your disposition (good and bad)

Many reporters are in the public view everyday. They're on television, commercials, in social media, etc. Social media can give us an opportunity to see what people think of us good and bad, which is good and bad. If the reporter is attractive, great smile, great personality that's good right? Absolutely, it's great for a stalker too. In Cleveland a man was found guilty of stalking morning anchor Kristi Capel. The stalker showed up at her events she was reporting at. He sent her several facebook messages. He also approached her car as she sat in it. There's a balance of being part of the community and remaining safe.

2. Take employees that are fired seriously

A reporter, Alison Parker, and a photojournalist, Adam Ward, were shot and murdered while conducting an interview on camera. The person they were interviewing from the local chamber of commerce was also shot and seriously injured. The shooter was a former colleague who was fired two years earlier. The on camera shooting showed a lack of situational awareness by both the reporter, the photojournalist, and the person being interviewed. The shooter walked up to them pointed a gun for a few seconds and know one acknowledged him. Now the reporter is focused on the person being interviewed. The photographer is focused on the photo with a big camera. The person being interviewed is focused on the interview and possible bright lights from the camera. So this means that someone should always be there to "watch their back."

3. Be aware of what you are reporting

Be aware of what you are reporting and take security precautions when doing so. Five employees of the Capital Gazette were murdered by a person that was upset because of a story it published about the shooters guilty plea of criminal harassment unrelated to the Gazette. Chauncey Bailey, of the Oakland Post, was murdered after investigating corruption in his community. He was murdered on his way to work by the target of his reporting. As it turns out Bailey's name was on a hit list. You just never know.

The media sometimes gets a bad rap but they also do a great job in their communities. Media should always have some form of security measures for their employees. Remember: Semper Tutum Semper Vigilanti (Always Safe Always Vigilant) If you are interested in this topic send me a message via my website

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