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6 Benefits to continue training

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

So often I have seen professionals in the industry, in which I work, go to a training class and use that class as their measurement of their qualifications years later. The truth is training should never stop. The excuses I hear are time, money, and if my job will pay for it I will go. None of those excuses show any drive to be good or great at your craft. There may be required training for your job or license that you have and there is desired training that makes you better at what you do and makes you a better asset for job qualifications. Here are six benefits why you should continue your training.

1. Job performance: It's no wonder that this is listed number one being that education, schooling, and training are all designed to improve your job performance. Whether you're a photographer, artist, nurse, security officer, etc. the training that you put forth, and the effort will increase and improve your job performance making you a commodity for the job you are interested in.

2. Less supervision: The more you are trained the more confident you are in your abilities. The more confident you are the more confident your supervisor is in your abilities. Training may increase your chances at leadership roles or getting that job or project you wanted to be a part of. Your evaluations may start to read; "works with little or no supervision." This gives you more autonomy to work by yourself, more freedom, and more trust. Who doesn't want that?

3. Audits: Many jobs have audits or some kind or procedural review. Licensing standards have audits to make sure the licensee is keeping up with the proper training. The more consistent and continuous training you have shows the desire to improve and maintain your qualifications.

4. Self-motivation: I don't know about you but I get motivated to have good training. Yes, sometimes we are required to sit through a death by powerpoint type of training but I am really talking about you. How do you want to better yourself and make you more beneficial to a job or a client. If you are a a manager you can motivate your staff by sending them to great training. It benefits them, it benefits you, and it benefits the company and its stakeholders.

5. Reduced turnover: Training provides great opportunities for career development. These opportunities are likely to increase both motivation and job satisfaction while reducing turnover. If your a manager this will lead to ongoing commitment from your employees. If your the employee it shows management that you are committed. Win! Win!

6. The law: Training can offer a source of legal protection for you, your management, and the company in which you work. Federal law requires certain areas of training in certain job markets. Employers know that an intelligent and well trained employee or work force is central to productivity and the employee's morale. A well trained employee is paramount to an organization's success.

Yes training may cost money, it will take time, and the truth is your job might not send you but you must never stop training. You should always strive to make you better than you were yesterday.

Always Safe Always Vigilant

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