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Executive Protection 101: Let me show you the way.

Many friends ask me how I got into Executive Protection. I can say that some of it was circumstantial, some was luck, and the rest was drive. So let me reach out to you and discuss how to become successful in Executive Protection.

I was a Marine and a Police Officer. I say that, because many people in the industry were one or the other or both. This is not a requirement nor does it necessarily make you successful in the industry. It does help, then again many things in life can help. I also have a degree that also helps but that is not necessary either. Your drive to be successful is what helps.

1) Network with professionals in the industry and get memberships. Here are some organizations to help.

ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security)

ISDA (International Security Driver's Association)

IPSB (International Protective Security Board)

2) Licensure- Get the proper licenses. It doesn't matter if you have 10 black belts, if you're a 300 pound linebacker, former special forces, you get my drift. If you are unlicensed you're illegal and you're a walking liability for you and the client or company that employs you.

3) Training- I am not talking police academy training, find training designed for Executive Protection. If you are doing driving then find training that incorporates driving. Always get some sort of Medical Training. Find a good Executive Protection Course and take the training; not once, but throughout your career. Always learn.

4) Listen- Listen not speak. I say this because many people get hinged on one past success. There are a lot of opinions, and a lot of toxicity in the industry. Find the true professionals and learn from them. Stop trying to tell people how cool you are and learn.

5) Be a doer not a wannabe-er- Many people wanna be EP; the sunglasses, the ear pieces are pretty cool. Then the client asks you to do something that isn't cool, like carry their luggage, and you get upset. Executive Protection is a service industry. Be the quiet professional and provide outstanding service to your client.

Executive Protection is a great profession but remember the success is dependent on your drive to be successful. EP is not for everyone but if you choose EP as your chosen profession I wish you much success and hope to see you in my travels.

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