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Global Nomad's Guide: Mastering Personal Security for International Travelers

It can be a dangerous world we live in. There are many elevated global risks that could be a cause for concern, but should we just give up the joys of International travel. In some areas of the world absolutely. There are still many places globally that are beautiful and memorable and definitely still need to be visited. Here are some suggestions that will help reduce the likelihood of you becoming a target and/or a victim of a crime. A criminal usually prefers low risk but high reward. So the traveler should try their best to avoid being a soft target.

Intended victims are relatively easy to get to. They make themselves very accessible. They are predictable because of daily routines and habits. They are also very unaware and complacent. The victim is often not very security conscious and do not take individual safety measures.

Make yourself difficult to get to. If you travel and you have your favorite dining or meeting spots take different routes at different times. Don't leave yourself open for an attack. Avoid staying out to late and don't consume alcohol to heavily. Never let a stranger buy you a drink. Dress to blend into your surroundings and please leave your expensive jewelry, watches, and handbags at home. Inquire and assess the security measures at the hotel.

Common types of petty crime are pickpockets or scam artists. There is often at least two people involved. Be aware if someone jostles you. Asking you for the time or for directions can be a distraction. Spilling on you or causing a distraction by creating a disturbance. And gentlemen always be aware of the honey trap. The beautiful lady that wants to sweep you off your feet or perhaps steal from you. Vagrant children can also be a cause for concern.

Before going out on the town be very familiar with the dangerous parts of the city. Avoid wearing expensive items. The flash can make you a target. Never leave items unattended. Don't resist the robber unless harm to you is imminent.

Try to ignore the drug induced junkies and drunkards. Don't respond to any jokes or taunts no matter how difficult that may be. Stay away from areas that are known for drugs. Try not to show fear and don't respond to threats. Remember, keeping a low profile while abroad is your best defense.

It can be a cold world. Many people do not have your best interests at heart. They may have a desire to steal from you, harm you, or kill you. This article is intended to increase your chances of having a successful and safe trip the next time you venture to another country. The likelihood of criminal incidents vary according the country or region of the world.

"When you are hungry it is foolish to hunt a tiger

when there are plenty of sheep to be had."


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