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Mastering the Art of Crowd Management: Six Essential Tips for Navigating Large Gatherings

The pressure of tightly packed crowds of people can be suffocating both literally and figuratively. Dealing with this many people in one area can be overwhelming. It is important that you know what you are in for before working an event with a large gathering. Here are six tips in dealing with large crowds.

  1. Anticipate the crowd. There is nothing more overwhelming than not knowing what you are getting yourself in to. Be aware of the crowds and expect chaos. Being comfortable in chaos is the key. Be in a present state of mind while surrounded by others. Stay focused, it is easy to get distracted while watching crowds.

2023 TSO Concert Photo taken by Gloria Dwight

2. Check in with your body. Practice your breathing if you need to. Slow down and take and take a breath. Make sure your fitness is at a level to deal with crowds. Your heart might be beating fast. Get rest before an event, stay hydrated and nourished.

3. Deal with any negative thoughts before the event has started. Try and balance your thoughts with positive affirmations. One affirmation to think about during large events is that you're in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

2018 UFC 226

4. Think about the event in a positive light. If it's a good event for the venue or the

community you are in essence helping by maintaining a safe event. Remember the

job is to keep people safe and for the crowd to create positive memories.

5. Take breaks if you need to. Breaks help you regroup physically and mentally

especially when working those long events. A little break can boost your well

being and performance which also helps your colleagues who may rely on you to

perform your best.

2019 Muse Concert

6. Lastly, If crowds are a problem let someone know. Cases like Agoraphobia do exist.

The fear of places and situations that might cause panic induced anxiety might not

be able to be cured but it can be helped.

I hope this article gives you a little help in being better prepared in coping with large gatherings. If you know someone that might have issues with crowds be patient and supportive. Most of all be a good teammate and help each other out.


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