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Progress and Development a plus for Executive Protection

The words progress and development are often used interchangeably or are considered the same thing. There are very subtle differences between the two words. Progress or progression is a movement towards something; a goal or objective. An airport expansion, for example, indicates progress. Development would concentrate more on the expansion itself. For myself it acts like a before and after picture. I am not an economist by any stretch of the imagination. The housing market increases in price range. Gas and tax increases. No one likes that. This often happens with a rising economy. This also happens with more progress and development and with that comes OPPORTUNITY. For every big building, airport, shopping mall, etc. there is a need for security consultation. For every major corporation, big business, or wealthy residence there is a need for Executive or Corporate Protection.

I work in a city that is ranked third in the United States for real estate investment. Forbes listed the city as America's best city for young professionals and the best city for tomorrow's Tech Mecca. listed the city as the best city for Millennial home buyers. We were ranked number two by Wallet Hub for the best large cities to start a business and number six by Zip Recruiter for the best job market for new college graduates. U.S. News listed the city as number ten best city to live and number 11 by New Geography as the best Job Growth. Now I know what your thinking. Who cares about the city I work in.

The point really is that these statistics apply in any city. As an executive protection agent our job is not only to look cool in shades (although that helps), but in order to flourish in executive protection you must research the area you choose to work. Entertainers and executives flock to the area I work around Ski Season. They are moving to the area to reside. Big corporations are starting their headquarters here.

I often times market myself not as an executive protection officer but as a staff assistant. I never use the term bodyguard. I simply am a driver trained in tactical driving. I'm a concierge trained in hotel or site surveys. Most people think I'm part of the entourage anyway, and unless I'm introduced as personal security I just wander around close to the client. I am a promoter and I not only promote the city I work but I promote my skills and experience to the clients. Sometimes

I get clients referred to me. Other times I look for the clients. I am able to do that because I understand the development and progress in the city in which I work.

The construction industry is a very diverse industry. It involves many clients like property builders, property developers, contractors, property buyers, and the property management and ownership. With each of these entities there is money to be had and people and/or organizations to protect. New construction developments attract many investors and business deals.

When a new company comes in to your area or a new building is being built do some research. Is there a need for your skill set? Enjoy the opportunity, network, make some contacts, promote yourself, promote your city, and stay safe.

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