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Red Team is in position: How to secure your home.

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

When we talk about penetration testing and red teaming many times we are referring to cybersecurity and data breaching. Perhaps some social engineering in order to get information. Social engineering can apply for physical security as well but nothing is better than good old reconnaissance of a location. When asked to do a vulnerability assessment of a domicile many factors are considered. You want to give the client the best assessment while maintaining privacy and maintaining some integrity to the client's lifestyle. Now truly if you wanted round-the-clock security you would dig into your foxhole and cover all ingress and egress routes with 24/7 armed security working in rotating shifts. The expenses will be up to the client. You first must also look at the location through the eyes of a bad guy. Do you want to steal some expensive items undetected or do you want to hurt or target an individual? The circle of security is the same. Here are three rings of security to be aware of.

1) Deterrence: What makes a bad person scratch their head and say, "Hmmmm, maybe not this place." Fences and fierce dogs make great deterrents. Sometimes, however, they might be impractical depending on the location. After all, the residence could be in the urban foothills, a cabin in the mountains, or a house on the beach. A motion sensor might be a deterrent or it could fit into the next topic.

2) Early warning: Motion sensors, alarms, and cameras may also be a deterrent but you need something to give a warning to prepare you for what might be coming next. An alarm system integrated with the cameras gives the client time to prepare for a fight and call 911. A deterrent will not stop the undeterred and if they are hell bent on doing harm then the assailant will try to get in.

3) Barrier: Once an intruder has been detected then there must be thought of where to go in the residence to provide safety and also rappel the threat. Keep the family in mind especially if introducing a firearm in the equation. The defense in the home should be with surprise and violence of action, firearm or not.

Ultimately the client has the say in their expenses. Round-the-clock security is a very good option but an expensive asset. Armed (response capabilities) or unarmed (reporting capabilities) would be the two options. Every residence is different and with their own challenges and obstacles. The goal is to make the client feel happy and secure with their decision.

For a residential security assessment you can contact Jaguar Executive Services at (801) 449-0019 or find us on our website; Always Safe Always vigilant.

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