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The controversial client from a protector's point of view

On April 6, 2023, Riley Gaines a former collegiate swimmer and women in sports activist was speaking at a college university when she was confronted by a group who protested her activism. Video shows the confrontation in what appears to be a hallway. She is taken to a room where she had to remain for three hours before she was able to leave. The crowd was able to really get up close to her in this hallway. It could have been alot worse but luckily it did not. So how do we as protectors approach an event when there is controversy surrounding your client? What lessons do we learn in these situations?

Let's go back to the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Kennedy tried to take a shortcut through a crowded kitchen because it was closer to the press room. He was confronted and shot.

Let's talk first about Protective Intelligence. The intelligence we gather through a thorough threat assessment will prove as an information highway that will lead us to a proper and thorough security advance.

If the client has a political stance, one way or the other, a mental note should be retained and research should commence. And the assumption should be that there's going to be trouble. Never believe that something is no big deal. What's no big deal to you is a mountain to someone else.

In 2016, Ben Shapiro, no stranger to controversy, was lecturing a turbulent crowd. Protesters formed a line in front of him.

What does your security advance look like? Where is your client conducting their speech? How do you get in and out if a crowd or threat presents itself? Don't count on the law enforcement to always be their to protect your client. They are there to maintain public order for everyone. You are there to protect the client. No time struggling with keys. If areas need to be secured for your client's safety then get it done.

This is a protest involving Kaitlin Bennett. What we don't want as protectors is a crowd swallowing our client, nothing good comes of this.

We only have to remember news correspondent Lara Logan's 2011 assault when she and her crew were enveloped by a violent crowd in Cairo.

Remember, the plan must include your client. Some clients are more difficult than others but I must believe no client wants to get hurt. Through your thorough protection efforts, you and your client will remain safe. remember safety and vigilance is the key to success.

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